Peace must be signed on the ruins of the Kremlin

"If there is a renunciation of the peaceful process, martial law will be introduced immediately," - said the President Poroshenko during his pre-New Year press conference.

"Unfortunately, the information on three dead is confirmed. Militants lost 14. One militant is captured. It is true, but it is a war." - said Poroshenko at the same event.

Two mutually exclusive theses have been announced within about ten minutes. So how much Ukrainians should die, before the Commander in Chief notices “renunciation of the peaceful process”?

Statements of our Prime Minister, Arseniy Yatsenyuk, are as well controversial. Let me remind you, not so long ago he said that we are not going to put up money for the terrorists of Donbas. Let's leave aside the question why they were still finance - is not about that now. The most interesting thing is that after a while he complained that the state provides occupied territories with electricity, gas and water for free.

So why do we feel this cognitive dissonance in the statements of Ukrainian officials? On the one hand we’re fighting, and at the same time reconcile. Such position is understood neither by Ukrainian people, nor by the international community...

We demand the imposing of tougher sanctions from our Western partners, but we are being reminded that we still have not imposed our own sanctions against Russia, despite the fact that the necessary law was resolved by the previous composition of parliament.

We’re as if indignant by the actions of Russian invaders in the Crimea and their so-called nationalization of Ukraine’s and Ukrainian citizens’ property, but still has not filed a lawsuit to the international courts. There are no visible actions behind talking.

We resent the actions of local oligarchs, who supported and still support the separatists both financially and informational. Still have not been taken measures in order to arrest either property of local VIP-separatists, who already do not have immunity of a deputy, or to arrest them.

Still neither nationalization, nor re-privatization of property, owned by the Russian oligarchs or capital, which are financing separatism, has been held. This could be a significant source of budget revenues. Instead, the question of the further sale of state property is being raised.

The law on the so-called “Special status Donbas” still hasn’t been abolished, although everyone knows that it has not functioned single day and never will, at least because  Ukraine did not get control of the territory and did not held local elections in the terms provided by this law.

We still cannot officially call this war as war, terrorism as terrorism, Russia as the aggressor. We are negotiating with terrorists at the highest international level, and Ukraine in the negotiations is represented by persons with undetermined status.

Whatever they say or promise in Moscow, we should be aware - Russia will not leave us alone, until there is one of the two countries exist. We will not achieve peace until the win. And for this we have to attack, if not in a military way, than in any other.

In addition to the introduction of our own sanctions against Russia, severance of diplomatic relations, effective military operations on the territory of the enemy, arrest of the traitors of Ukraine inside the state and other standard steps that society expects from the government , we can act off-standard.


We have to recognize the independence of the Republic of Ichkeria, twice recognized by the Russian Federation itself, and begin diplomatic relations with it.


We have to recognize the right of Japan to the Kuril Islands and Sakhalin and declare them as occupied territories.


We have to recognize the succession of Ukraine from the Ukrainian People's Republic and Kievan Rus, and claim damages for the occupation of the territories of our country from the successor of the occupant – Russian Federation.


We have to work hard to fully exclude Russia from the United Nation’s Organization and other international organizations, or create a new organization that would finally ensure peace and tranquility in the world.


Peace is the victory! And it will be signed on the ruins of the Kremlin...


Dmytro Sinchenko, National Initiative "Rukh Derzhavotvortsiv" (Movement of State Creators)

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    newfacebeauty (Wednesday, 17 February 2016 01:43)

    Im agree with you about this. Thanks for article

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